Indiana Disability History Project

First-hand accounts of the disability rights movement and the experiences of Hoosiers with disabilities.

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Sue Beecher - Admitting...

“In terms of children being admitted, I assisted with some admissions of children. I’m not proud of that,” states Sue Beecher. In the late 1970s, Sue worked in the outpatient clinic at New Castle State Hospital…

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Self-Advocates of Indiana

This exhibit includes video-recorded oral history, with photographs and transcripts about the first decades of the statewide self-advocacy group Self-Advocates of Indiana, including profiles of leaders Darcus…

Hoosier Advocates

Dixie and Jennifer Patterson in...

This is a photograph of Jennifer Patterson (right) and her mother Dixie. Jennifer is shown in the first apartment she lived in on her own, in Bloomington, Indiana. The photo was taken on July 2, 2000.


Disability History Timeline

Indiana Disability History Timeline

From 1816 to the present, view the progression of important dates and events in Indiana's disability history.