Indiana Disability History Project

First-hand accounts of the disability rights movement and the experiences of Hoosiers with disabilities.

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Thomas Hancock with Nurse...

Thomas Hancock, age 10 months, with nurse at General Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, October 1946. Thomas entered Muscatatuck State School in 1951, living there until he died in 1981.

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Institutions were woven into the fabric of Indiana’s founding as a state. The original Constitution provided for “one or more farms to be an asylum for those persons, who by reason of age, infirmity, or…

Hoosier Advocates

Ric Edwards - "He's Going...

"The first part of the day I'd be downstairs, the second part they'd carry me up 10 steps, a landing, 10 more steps." Ric Edwards shares the story of his transfer from Culver Military Academy to a…


Disability History Timeline

Indiana Disability History Timeline

From 1816 to the present, view the progression of important dates and events in Indiana's disability history.