Indiana Disability History Project

First-hand accounts of the disability rights movement and the experiences of Hoosiers with disabilities.

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David Mank - History...

“The history of why there's the University Center for Excellence…is somewhat unique,” states David Mank. David was director of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community when he was interviewed in 2015.…

Featured Exhibits

ADA in Indiana

This exhibit includes videotaped oral history of and about Indiana advocates for the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as photographs and transcripts.

Hoosier Advocates

Byron Smith - An Eleven-Year-Old...

"She kept finding out that blind students were attending regular public schools in all of the surrounding states and she couldn't figure out why weren't doing that in Indiana," recalls Byron Smith of…


Disability History Timeline

Indiana Disability History Timeline

From 1816 to the present, view the progression of important dates and events in Indiana's disability history.