Self-Advocacy in Indiana

Self-Advocates of Indiana Board of Directors in 2002

The First Decades of Self-Advocates of Indiana

“And when she got up and she introduced herself and shared a bit about the MRDD commission, she got booed real loud by the self-advocates.”

It was 2008, and Indiana state representative Sheila Klinker had been invited by Self-Advocates of Indiana (SAI) to speak at a national conference in Indianapolis. Betty Williams was SAI’s president. Betty says the incident led directly to one of the self-advocates’ most important accomplishments. Betty recalls that Representative Klinker, an appointee on the Commission on Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, didn't understand what the booing was about, “but then we explained it to her.” The Commission must drop “the R word” from its name, they demanded. At the legislative group’s next meeting, a vote was taken and “within five minutes” the name was changed. Read about The First Decades of Self-Advocates of Indiana >

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Self-Advocacy in Indiana